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Seko Plastic Co.,ltd is a specialist manufacture, researcher and developer of various moulds and plastic parts as
constructional pipes and fittings such as plastic valves and plastic faucets, and agriculture pipes and fittings so on.

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Excellent and stable product quality

The company strictly implements incoming materials testing, comparison of incoming materials, screening and inspection of raw material suppliers; first-class production process design and process control make each batch of products more stable...

High product price ratio and gold content

The company's superior geographical location and lean management team reduce transportation and labor costs; through strict control of procurement costs and implementation of efficient production control, lower production costs...

Continuous and reliable product supply

Our company has ample production capacity and full control over raw material prices, quality, and stable supply, laying the foundation for continuous plastic valves,plastic faucets,pipe fitting production; our company's complete ERP system, well-structured sales warehousing network...

Fast and intimate extension services

Our company has consistently adhered to a seamless docking service, carefully created a service team consisting of technical backbones, implemented round-the-clock follow-up services, conducted timely visits, exchanges, and feedback on customers...

welcome to Seko Plastic

Taizhou Seko Plastic Co., Ltd. is a professional

China plastic valves manufacturers and plastic faucets suppliers

, researcher and developer of pipes fittings. In 2002, we started the production of PP compression fittings, and we are the first manufactory in China who doing these products. More than 15years keep on developing and doing same things, we become a professor. Meanwhile we developed to making PPR fittings, PVC fittings and valves, and irrigation fittings...
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