5 methods for quickly judging the quality of PPR pipe fittings


In today's building materials market, the quality of th […]

In today's building materials market, the quality of the products is mixed, which makes the purchasers unable to purchase good ppr pipe fittings during the decoration, which affects the progress of the decoration. In the end, how should consumers identify the quality of the ppr tube? At present, many home decoration options in China are 6 points (25mm diameter, 4.2mm wall thickness). Next, tell everyone how to distinguish the quality of the ppr tube. .

First, look at the code on the body. By looking at the code on the body, quickly determine whether the brand water pipe is of international high quality. For standard pipe products, there is usually complete coding information on each pipe to help consumers identify. In addition to the brand identity and origin, the good ppr pipeline also includes the application environment and the certification standards of the world's authoritative organizations. Depending on the information on the pipeline, it is even possible to trace production time, batches and even production machines.

Second, see if the body is transparent. The tube is tested for light transmission by LED light to check if it is easy to breed bacteria. Light and oxygen are the two major factors for the survival of bacteria and algae. Therefore, if the pipeline is transparent, it is easy to breed bacteria and algae in the pipeline (the popular "green hair"), which seriously affects the health and safety of domestic water; therefore, the same Under the environment, the poorer the light transmittance, the better the water pipe. According to this principle, we can easily use a LED light to test the light transmission of the tube.

Third, smell the welding smell. High quality pipes should be colorless and odorless when hot melted. The welding of the ppr pipe is joined by hot melt, making it a seamless joint. A poor quality ppr pipe will emit a pungent odor and toxic substances when it is hot melted. In order to ensure the health and safety of daily drinking water, the ppr pipe of excellent quality will not emit an unpleasant smell to the human body even when it is hot melted or even burned.

Fourth, see if the copper fittings have plating. Good ppr pipe fittings are not nickel and chrome-plated, and are resistant to dezincification brass to ensure water quality. Ppr's accessories wire parts are made of copper, and copper is easy to accelerate the aging of ppr raw materials, so many domestic brands will coat a layer of nickel or chromium isolated from brass. This method will release metal elements and cause secondary pollution to water. It has been eliminated by the European standard 20 years ago. A good ppr pipe should be made of professional anti-zinter-zinc brass material, which is not nickel-chromium-plated. It has higher corrosion resistance than ordinary brass, and it is also environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly.

Fifth, look at the size of the accessories, and the length of the wire. Good fittings have larger internal diameters and longer teeth. If the internal diameter is larger, the water flow will have less resistance in the pipeline and no scale, and the water experience will be better. The longer the teeth, the smaller the spacing, the stronger the connection.