Advantages of PVC pipe and precautions during storage


PVC pipe is a kind of white opaque pipe made of flame r […]

PVC pipe is a kind of white opaque pipe made of flame retardant materials. It has many advantages.

Flame retardant: It has a high oxygen index value, so the duct should not be burned, and it will self-extinguish from the fire, and the flame will not extend along the pipeline.

Corrosion-resistant and insect-repellent: The pvc catheter is excellent in acid and alkali resistance, does not rust, does not contain plasticizer, and has no odor to attract pests, so there is no pest.

Insulation: AC2000V, 50Hz will not break down under water immersion, and the insulation function is excellent, so it can effectively avoid accidental leakage and electric shock. 6, construction of the convenience: catheter cut-off, D32 below the catheter into the corresponding special spring, you can bend to the desired point of view at room temperature. PVC adhesives can be used to quickly connect pipes to the shape required for construction.

Compressive pressure: medium-sized pipes and heavy-duty pipes can withstand pressures above 750N and above 1250N, so they can be mounted or concealed in concrete without crushing and splitting. The heavy-duty pipe series is particularly suitable for dark coating in tamping and oscillating concrete. .

Anti-shock heat: The concrete can receive normal tamping impact without splitting during concrete pouring, and it will not soften and deform under concrete agglomeration.

However, care should be taken when storing PVC pipes to avoid damage to PVC pipes. When the PVC pipe is placed directly on the ground, it is required to be flat on the ground, and there should be no sharp objects such as stones and simple damage to the pipe wall.

During storage, the maximum storage deflection should not exceed 3% of the nominal diameter. The maximum operating temperature of the pipeline should be around 37 °C. During the high temperature season in summer, avoid sun exposure and adhere to the air circulation between the pipes to prevent the temperature from rising.

When stacking pipes, stack them with large and heavy ones, and put them small and light on the sides. The stacking height of the pipes should not exceed 2m. Both sides of the pipes should be blocked by wooden wedges or planks. Pipes with a diameter exceeding 1m should not be stacked. During the storage of PVC pipes, the fire prevention method is strictly implemented, and it is forbidden to carry out open fire construction such as electric welding and cutting in the vicinity of the pipeline.