Application range and color requirements of PE water supply pipe


In today's water supply pipe manufacturing industry, th […]

In today's water supply pipe manufacturing industry, the most popular raw material for water supply pipes is PE water supply pipes. Compared with metal materials, they are not easy to rust. Compared with other materials, they have stronger strength and are not easy to be damaged. Etching is a kind of environmentally friendly and pollution-free raw materials, which is deeply loved by customers. We know that all raw materials have certain standards that must be followed when they are applied. PE water supply pipes are not exceptions. The following is a brief and detailed introduction of the disciplines that must be followed by our factory for such raw materials. We look forward to seeing these in the future. Know how to use it.

1. The most fundamental thing is to ensure the compliance of the raw materials of the water supply pipes. In other words, these pipes must have the inspection compliance report and qualification certificate of the quality inspection unit.

2. When transporting them, be sure to use non-metallic ropes to bind and block the head. It is best not to let them encounter accidents such as collisions.

3. These raw materials are not suitable for exposure to the sun, so they should be protected from sunlight during storage, and it should not exceed the storage period of one year, otherwise it will affect its characteristics.


The main purpose of PE water supply pipe

First, for urban water supply, PE pipes have comprehensive advantages such as safety, environmental sanitation, and convenient engineering construction, and have become ideal pipes for urban water supply. Second, chemical and food pipelines are resistant to chemical corrosion, and are suitable for the transportation and sewage disposal of various acid-base salt solutions; third, transport sand, mortar or irrigation; fourth, replace cement pipes, galvanized pipes, and iron Renewal and transformation of old pipes can be carried out without large-scale excavation; finally, the landscaping pipeline network;

PE water supply pipe color regulation

The color of municipal drinking water PE water supply pipe is blue or black, and the black pipe needs to have a co-extruded blue color bar. There are at least three color bars along the longitudinal direction of the pipe. The other main purpose water pipes can be blue or black. Laying pipelines exposed to the sun (such as above-ground pipelines) must be black.