Four common sense for PPR pipe installation


PPR pipe installation common sense one After the line i […]

PPR pipe installation common sense one

After the line is first made, slot the ground. The slotting work of the water circuit should be done by professionals. Although it seems to be very basic, there is still a technical content. If the water leaks due to negligence, it will cause a lot of trouble.

PPR pipe installation common sense two

From the point of connection of the PPR pipe, this is hot melt connected. Typically, the hot melt temperature is 260 degrees. From the installation scale, reference to the design scale. In this respect, it is necessary to design according to the home decoration. Under normal circumstances, there are three reasons why the PPR pipe cannot be mounted:

1) The mounted PPR pipe is subject to a certain gravity and is easily deformed.

2) PPR pipe is easy to age due to the mounted condition

3) If the white PPR pipe, the light will easily pass through and form a breeding bacterium.

PPR pipe installation common sense three

It is also possible to join the PPR pipes by means of hot melt sockets, the pipes and the pipe fittings are completely integrated, and the strength of the joints even exceeds the strength of the pipe body. As long as the construction is done properly, the reliability will be high after the completion of the pressure test.

PPR pipe installation common sense four

It can be properly covered with a foam insulation cover during installation. Because the PPR pipe is afraid of long-term sun exposure, it is best to use a 3.4-thick hot water pipe, which will be more durable. However, when choosing, try to choose a good reputation or a big brand, and the security is strong.