Hot melt connection installation method of PE water supply pipe


In the application of PE water supply pipe, the method […]

In the application of PE water supply pipe, the method of hot-melt connection is often used, and the connection part of the angle is very easy to cooperate with each other for three-way application. Usually, the hot-melt butt welding machine is used to heat the pipe ends. After the pipe ends are melted, the hot-melt butt joints are quickly bonded to maintain the necessary working pressure.

PE water supply pipe hot melt connection installation method

1. The two PE pipes that need to be installed and connected are placed on the hot melt fixture at the same time. The other end of each tube is at the same level as the tube holder.

2. Use an electric rotating knife to disconnect the plan view of the pipe end to ensure that the contact area of the two pipes is exactly the same.

3. Heat the electric heating plate to 210℃, put the ends of the two tubes in the middle, and actually operate the electro-hydraulic device to make the ends of the two tubes completely touch the electric heating plate.

4. Pull out the heating plate, and operate the hydraulic device again to make the melted two pipe ends completely connect and lock the hydraulic device.

5. Maintain the necessary cooling time and operate. Reference: PE pipe compares seamless steel pipe and welding method.

6. After the construction of the project, the soil can be buried and delivered to use only after accepting the test working pressure.