How long is the life span of a plastic faucet?


Plastic faucets are products made of pvc materials that […]

Plastic faucets are products made of pvc materials that we often talk about. It is a fully transparent plastic faucet, and its color is highly variable. Available in various colors. Only the color of the plastic is very rich. And its appearance is very beautiful, and there is another advantage that other faucets cannot do. Just never rust. Plastic faucets are mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms. Let's take a look together.

1. Plastic faucets: colorful and unique in shape. The plastic material is very malleable, so faucets with different shapes can be produced. Plastic faucets are generally pvc faucets. It is also a relatively lightweight faucet and also has corrosion resistance. The price of the plastic faucet is also the cheapest, but it has the most advantages.

2. The price of plastic faucets is the cheapest on the market. Compared with faucets made of other materials, the price of plastic is affordable and has a long service life. The price ranges from a few yuan to tens of yuan. 2. However, the price has a certain relationship with the brand, specification, and material. The quality and performance of a plastic faucet with a higher price must be better.

3. Different materials determine the price of the faucet. When you choose, you still have to choose a faucet with a relatively high cost performance.

The plastic faucet will certainly not be used for a particularly long time. Even a good quality plastic faucet will not last more than 10 years. With the advancement of science and technology, there are now faucets of various materials on the market. Plastic faucets are also so-called plastic faucets that have just appeared in recent years. In fact, they refer to faucets with LED lights. This kind of faucet is indeed relatively Looks good, but I think the practical performance is a little worse. If you want to install a faucet, you should still choose the traditional material.