How to choose high-quality PPR pipe fittings


When installing piping systems, many families pay more […]

When installing piping systems, many families pay more attention to the quality of PPR pipes, but don’t care about PPR pipe fittings. They don’t know that this idea is very wrong. Perhaps they have buried the family piping system without knowing it. Security risks.

As an important part of the pipeline system, PPR pipe fittings have a direct impact on the stability and safety of the pipeline. However, if the quality of the pipe fittings is unqualified, the probability of water leakage accidents is greater.

In fact, it is not difficult to choose high-quality PPR fittings. Follow the following three points to ensure that you get twice the result with half the effort.

One, look at the material

The high-quality PPR pipe fittings are made of high-quality polypropylene, with pure color, fine touch and smooth surface.

Moreover, inferior PPR pipe fittings are generally produced with cheap recycled materials. The pipe fittings are dim in color, rough in hand, and even have defects such as black lines and bubbles. This kind of pipe fittings not only bury safety hazards in the home improvement pipeline system, but also affect household drinking Consumers must keep their eyes open for the health of water. Shanghai Baidie uses high-quality imported raw materials and real materials to ensure the safety and health of the products from the source.

Second, look at the craft

The production technology of high-quality PPR pipe fittings is advanced and exquisite. The production process is extruded by a single machine and formed at one time to ensure the quality of the pipe fittings. The copper inserts in the pipe fittings undergo special processing to ensure the quality and the health of consumers' drinking water.

However, the copper inserts in poor-quality PPR pipe fittings are made of copper or copper alloy. Without surface treatment, they will not only oxidize and rust, but also accelerate the oxidation degradation of PPR pipe fittings, which will ultimately reduce the service life of the pipeline and affect the safety of the entire waterway. Sex.

Three, look at the details

It is very important to choose a big brand of pipe fittings. A good PPR pipe fitting manufacturer will pay great attention to details. A small detail is enough to show the manufacturer's determination to create high-quality products and a responsible attitude towards consumers.

In addition, when installing the pipeline, the pipe fittings should be matched with products of the same brand. Do not choose products of different brands for "mixed welding", which is likely to cause safety hazards to the pipeline due to poor pipeline connections. .