How to choose PVC pipe fittings


As the production process of PVC pipe fittings is becom […]

As the production process of PVC pipe fittings is becoming more and more mature, the cost of PVC pipe fittings is also getting lower and lower. This situation directly leads to the influx of PVC pipe fittings into the market. However, the products produced by different manufacturers are also thousands. The difference is very different, then how should we choose PVC pipe fittings?

1. The common PVC pipe fittings are generally white, the color is uniform and rich in texture, the inner and outer walls are relatively smooth but a bit tough, and the quality of the general PVC pipe fittings is either white or yellow, and the color distribution is uneven. Some will have bubbles or small holes.

2, the flexibility of PVC pipe fittings is an important indicator to measure the quality of pipe fittings. If the pipe is easily broken, it means that the toughness is very poor, but the quality is not good. If it is difficult to break the pipe, it means that it has toughness, good strength and quality. Guarantee. most

3, PVC pipe impact resistance, we can judge by a simple method. When the indoor temperature reaches 20 °C, it will be sawed into a 200mm long pipe section (for 110mm pipe), and it will be slammed with a blunt instrument. It is difficult to break a good pipe with a manpower. (The thicker the pipe, the greater the bearing capacity).

4. When the user chooses PVC pipe fittings, he should choose the products of large PVC pipe fittings from the reputable dealers, or buy the direct sales of famous brands. After our preliminary investigation, the qualified rate of miscellaneous PVC pipes sold by roadside small distribution points is less than 20%.