How to connect PE pipe and PPR pipe


PE pipes are used more and more for tap water projects. […]

PE pipes are used more and more for tap water projects. In many projects, PE pipes, PVC pipes and PPR pipes are used at the same time. PE pipes and PPR pipes are hot-melt connected, while PVC pipes are generally Glued water is used, and PE and PPR pipes are not directly connected due to their different properties. What do I need to do to connect the two?

PE pipe and PPR pipe can be directly converted and linked directly with the inner teeth and the outer teeth, and the accessories on the market are relatively complete.

When the PE pipe is connected with the PVC pipe, it can be considered to be flanged. If it is a drainage project, it can be considered that the socket fitting of the PE is directly connected to the PVC pipe. If the glue is good, it can be sealed.

Flange connection is to fix two pipes, fittings or equipment to one flange first, then add a flange pad between the two flanges, and tighten the two flanges with bolts to make them A detachable joint that is tightly coupled.

In short, the application of PE pipe in the actual construction is mainly water supply engineering. When there is pressure, the internal teeth, external teeth fittings or flange connections must be used to ensure the quality of the project.