How to detect the hardness of PE water supply pipe


The hardness of the PE water supply pipe refers to the […]

The hardness of the PE water supply pipe refers to the ability of the raw material to resist other hard objects pressed into its surface. In order to better utilize this type of pipe, we often check its hardness to see if it can reach the standard. Specifications. What is the actual method?

1. The key purpose of the hardness test is to accurately measure the applicable scope of the PE water supply pipe, and to understand its mechanical properties, such as abrasion characteristics, tensile characteristics, dry solidity level, etc., based on the indirectness of the accurate measurement of hardness;

2. The size of the hardness value of the PE water supply pipe is a conditional quantitative analysis that shows the soft and hard level of the raw material. It itself is not a simple and clear physical quantity, but is composed of a series of mechanical properties such as elasticity, plasticity and toughness of the raw material. The comprehensive index value. The size of the hardness value is not only the raw material itself, but also the precise measurement conditions and measurement methods;



3. The hardness test has a very critical function in monitoring product quality and improving process conditions during processing;

4. Hardness test is an extremely widely used method for construction materials because of its accurate measurement, fast, economical, simple and non-damaging characteristics, and it is also an easy method to test the characteristics of plastics.

The hardness test of PE water supply pipe can reflect the characteristics of the pipe from the side and whether it can be put into use. Grasping the necessary common sense of inspection can enable us to avoid detours while using the product, and better grasp the product.