How to judge the quality of PPR water pipes


The home decoration water supply pipe has experienced t […]

The home decoration water supply pipe has experienced the historical evolution of galvanized pipes, aluminum-plastic pipes, PPR pipes and high-end villas or commercial copper pipes and stainless steel pipes. Nowadays, PPR pipes on the market are widely recognized in the home decoration market due to their convenient installation and low overall cost. So how do you judge the quality of the PPR water pipe?

1. Look at the density: the density of the fake PPR pipe is large, the good PPR pipe is placed in the water is floating in the water, the fake PPR pipe is half floating in the water, because the calcium carbonate is added too much.

2. Look at the color: A good PPR pipe is matt, and a poor quality PPR pipe is bright.

3. Look at the light transmission: the PPR tube is completely opaque, and the inferior PPR tube is semi-transparent or fully transparent.

4. Look at the feel: a good PPR tube feels soft, and the inferior PPR tube feels smooth.

5. Look at the landing sound: the sound of the good PPR water pipe is dull, and the inferior PPR pipe sounds crisp.

6. Look at hot-melt welding: good PPR pipe hot-melt welding is non-toxic and tasteless white smoke, poor quality PPR water pipe is toxic black smoke, swearing.