How to maintain PE water supply pipe


The scope of application of PE water supply pipes is ve […]

The scope of application of PE water supply pipes is very common. Everyone knows that no matter how good water pipes, no matter how best installation technology, without good maintenance, the service life of PE water supply pipes will be greatly affected. If you want to increase the service life of pipes, you need to learn its maintenance methods. Let’s take a look at the ways to maintain PE water supply pipes.

1. Anti-blocking

Blockage of drainage and sewage pipes is common, and one of the reasons for the blockage is that a section of the water pipe is stuck with dirt. Blocked water pipes not only cause confusion to our lives, but also continue to cause excessive working pressure on the part of the water pipe and interfere with the service life of the water pipe. To avoid blockage, we can add a floor drain to the drain pipe to prevent dirt with too much volume from entering the water pipe.

2. Anti-pressure

Although the hardness of the PE water supply pipe continues to increase, it will also cause cracks and seepage due to excessive environmental pressure. Therefore, when installing water pipes, install the water pipes on the top of the house as much as possible, which can not only prevent the water pipes from cracking and seepage due to heavy pressure, but also avoid the painful cost of knocking and repairing the water pipes on the road when water seepage occurs.



3. Sun protection and cold protection

Long-term exposure to the sun will not only cause the PE water supply pipe to age and reduce its characteristics, but also continue to show standards for the breeding of many microorganisms due to the sun passing through the pipe wall, causing a lot of moss to crawl in the water pipe, which interferes with the application. In cold weather, the plastic will become brittle, and once the water in the pipe freezes, it will burst the water pipe. Avoid long-term exposure to the sun or excessive coldness of the PE water supply pipe, and avoid laying exposed water pipes as much as possible, or add insulation materials to wrap the exposed places. The water in the water pipes should be drained at night in severe winter.

4. Pay attention to cleaning

In a humid and cold environment, it is very easy to grow germs and cause necessary disturbance to the water body. We can add fungicides in the circulation to remove germs and algae and keep the water clean.