How to prevent leakage of PE water supply pipe


PE water supply pipes are likely to see water in the wh […]

PE water supply pipes are likely to see water in the whole process of application, which may cause great confusion in our engineering construction, especially when people buried PE water supply pipes underground and backfilled soil is covered or fixed behind the wall. Therefore, in order to better avoid the occurrence of these conditions, we should pay attention to it during construction and take precautions.


1. In order to better avoid water seepage in the PE water supply pipe and ensure that the water quality is not affected, it is necessary to strictly test the water pressure and carry out cleaning tests in accordance with the specifications before the construction of the project.


2. When crossing floors, set the steel casing and add water blocking ring according to whether the drainage pipe penetrates the fixed support point of the floor.



3. In the case of manufacturing PE water supply pipes, the manufacturer must match them, select available connection methods at the interface, and choose products with different thicknesses based on different PE pipes.


4. In the case of PE water supply pipes passing through the wall during the construction, in order to better avoid water seepage, a fixed sleeve needs to be set, and the sleeve needs to be flush with the finish, and finally the gap is filled with waterproof material fully charged.