How to remedy the partial damage of PE pipe


PE pipes generally need to be inspected after the compl […]

PE pipes generally need to be inspected after the completion of the construction, and sometimes the pipeline is damaged due to small problems in the construction process during the re-inspection. If it is a large-scale damage, it needs to be replaced. It is very inconvenient, but if it is a partial damage, it is not necessary By replacing the pipeline, certain rescues can be carried out, eliminating the inconvenience. Next, let us understand how PE pipe repairs a part of the damaged pipeline.

1. When a part of the surface or a small part of the cracked or damaged hole is within 20mm, drain the water in the pipe, first clean the damaged location with cotton thread, then brush the base surface with cyclohexanone, and then coat it with good waterproof properties. Plastic adhesive. After the above work, the board of similar size can be taken out from the relative position of the unused pipe, bonded to the PE pipe, fixed with geotextile coiled, and returned to the soil after being dried for 24 hours.

2. When there is a broken pipe wall or hole within 100 mm in length on the damaged surface, use a spatula to completely eliminate the broken pipe wall or hole, and clean the part with cyclohexanone within 50 mm. , Then apply plastic adhesive with good waterproof properties; then remove the arc-shaped plate about twice the damage area from the relative position of the same pipe, apply adhesive on the inner wall, and stick it on Place the damage and tie it with lead wire. If the surface of the pipeline is damaged, it is necessary to eliminate the ripples within 50mm around the damaged location, and then use the above methods to carry out the rescue work. If the damage exceeds 1/12 of the pipe circumference, the damaged pipe section or all pipes must be replaced and then laid again.