How to repair PE water supply pipe damage


PE water supply pipes are damaged by the natural enviro […]

PE water supply pipes are damaged by the natural environment during the processing process, which may cause problems on the surface. The more common defects are the surface layer is not smooth or the surface has groove marks. The reasons for this shortcoming are different, so the repair methods for them are also different.

If it is found that the surface of the water supply PE pipe is not smooth, it is likely to be caused by the temperature of the main machine head being too high or too low. For example, when the temperature of the core mold is slightly lower and the temperature of the body is too low, the inner surface is easy to be not smooth; The higher the temperature of the cooling water, the more it will cause the surface to be not smooth. In this situation, reduce the cooling water temperature as much as possible, and at the same time, it is necessary to check whether the waterway is blocked and the water pressure is insufficient; and check the heating coil and the characteristics of the raw materials.

If there are groove marks on the surface of the water supply pipe, the family should check and adjust the water outlet of the sizing sleeve water curtain, balance the working pressure, adjust the spray nozzle angle to make the pipe cooling uniform, and check whether there are impurities in the sizing sleeve, cutting machine, etc. Objects, burrs.

If the shortcomings of the water supply pipe are always obvious, it will harm its normal use and actual effect and service life, so it may be repaired. If the surface of the water supply pipe is damaged, the pipe wall is broken or the hole is 0.1m long. At the same time, use a scraper to completely remove the crushed pipe wall or hole, and use cyclohexanone within 0.05m of the removed part to clean it.

After here, brush the damaged part of the water supply pipe with a plastic adhesive with good water resistance, and then remove the arc-shaped plate with 2 times the damaged area from the opposite part of the same pipe, apply the adhesive on the inner wall to buckle the damaged part, and use The lead wire is tied and fixed.

If there are ribs on the surface of the water supply pipe, it is to remove the ribs within 0.05m of the damaged part, scrape it without ribs, and then save it in the same way as described above, to promote the recovery of the water supply pipe, which can give full play to the key in the water supply system effect.