How to solve the problem of water leakage in PVC pipe fittings


PVC pipe fittings are now commonly used as a kind of wa […]

PVC pipe fittings are now commonly used as a kind of water supply pipe fittings. If water leakage occurs in the operation of PVC pipe fittings, pay attention to timely disposal.

If the PVC pipe fittings only have a slight leak in the adhesive interface, it can be repaired by using the adhesive trapping method. Note that before repairing, the PVC should be drained to the water in the pipe fittings, and the PVC will be constructed into a negative pressure in the pipe fittings. The adhesive is injected on the open space of the leaking portion, and the negative pressure is used to cause the adhesive to be sucked into the open space to reach the purpose of preventing leakage.

When we are connecting it, if the diameter of the pipe exceeds 100 mm, then the apron interface can be selected. For pipes with a diameter less than 100 mm, the joints are generally used, and some are used. . When the pipeline crosses the sewer or other pipelines, the metal pipe is generally used, and the plastic pipe and the metal pipe are flanged. The connection between the front and rear of the valve and the pipe is also flanged. Therefore, when connecting, you need to pay attention to the diameter of the entire pipe.

If the adhesive flange of the PVC pipe fittings leaks water, the Pvc water supply pipe fittings should be drained, the damaged parts of the pipe should be roughened, and the same diameter pipe section should be cut. Take half of them, and wipe the inside of the selected pipe pieces. .

Then, the adhesive is applied to the outer part of the damaged part of the pipeline and the selected repaired piece, and the repaired piece is covered to the damaged part of the pvc pipe, and the pipe clamp or steel wire is used for fastening.