Advantages and disadvantages of upvc pipe How to buy UPVC pipe


The UPVC pipe is a plastic pipe made of polyvinyl chlor […]

The UPVC pipe is a plastic pipe made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin and containing no plasticizer. With the development of chemical industry technology, it is now able to produce non-toxic grade pipes, so it has the function of usually polyvinyl chloride, and it has added some excellent functions, specifically its corrosion resistance and softness, so It is especially suitable for water supply networks. Because it is not electrically conductive, it is not easy to react electrochemically with acid, alkali and salt. Acid, alkali and salt are difficult to corrode, so no external anti-corrosion coating and lining are needed. The softness is good, which overcomes the defects of the brittleness of the plastic tube, and can be bent under the load so as not to break.

UPVC pipe

UPVC pipe application

1. Tap water piping project (including indoor water supply and outdoor municipal water pipe), because UPVC plastic pipe has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no rust, no scaling, protection of water quality, and avoiding secondary pollution of water quality. Today, the production of environmentally friendly products, as an ideal "green building materials" to protect human health, has been widely promoted and applied in China and the world.

2. Water-saving irrigation piping project, the use of UPVC drip irrigation system can save 50%-70% compared with ordinary irrigation, and can save fertilizer and pesticide dosage, and crop yield can be increased by 30%-80%. Today, China lacks water resources and agricultural production is lagging behind, which has great social benefits for promoting the development of China's water-saving agricultural production.

3. Construction piping engineering.

4. UPVC plastic pipe has excellent insulation ability and is also widely used as a post and telecommunications cable conduit.

5. UPVC plastic pipe is resistant to acid and alkali and corrosion, and many chemical plants are used as infusion piping. Others are also used in sinking engineering, medical piping engineering, mineral brine transportation piping engineering, and electrical piping engineering.

Upvc tube advantages

Corrosion resistant

It has excellent physical and mechanical properties, excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for the chemical industry.

2. High strength

It has high impact strength, high water pressure resistance and external pressure resistance, and is suitable for piping engineering under various conditions.

3. Long life

It is resistant to aging and has a long service life; the service life is 30-50 years. UPVC pipe, UPVC pipe, UPVC pipe price is an ideal material for building drainage and sewage.

4. Low flow resistance

 The wall surface is smooth and the fluid resistance is small; the flow rate of the cast iron is increased by 30% under the same pipe diameter; the pipe diameter can be reduced at the same flow rate.

5. Electrical insulation is good

It has excellent electrical insulation properties and is suitable for protective sleeves for wires and cables.

6. Light weight and simple construction

Light weight, durable, easy to carry, easy to install, easy to connect; powerfully speed up the project, save labor and reduce construction costs.

Disadvantages of UPVC pipe

UPVC pipe has so many advantages, but he is not white and flawless. For example, poor heat resistance is one of its major defects. Its tensile strength decreases when the temperature exceeds 60 °C (applicable to continuous discharge temperature does not exceed 40). °C, the instantaneous discharge temperature does not exceed the 80 °C day of sewage). Therefore, UPVC pipes are not suitable for use in high temperature places, which also limits its application to a certain extent. In addition, fragile is also a major defect of UPVC pipes, especially UPVC pipes installed outdoors. Therefore, it is necessary to have backfill sand around the UPVC pipes required during construction to avoid leakage of UPVC pipes.

1. The resistance to mechanical shock is poor, the expansion coefficient is large; the pressure bearing capacity is weak, and the UPVC pipe pressure bearing capacity lacks 0.4Mpa; the building fire is suspected and the flame retardancy is poor.

2. The drainage noise is large. Because the inner wall of the UPVC pipe is relatively lubricated, the water flow is not easy to form a water film flowing along the pipe wall, and the pipe wall is in a chaotic state.

UPVC pipe purchase

For the most common white UPVC pipe, the color is milky white and uniform, and the inner and outer walls are relatively smooth but a bit awkward. The color of the UPVC tube is not white and white, and it is yellow and hard. Some colors are uneven, some outer walls are particularly smooth, and the inner walls are rough, sometimes with acupuncture or small holes.

The toughness of UPVC pipes is a very critical indicator. The toughness of the tube, when we saw it into a narrow strip, try to fold 180 °, if it is broken, it shows that the toughness is very poor, brittleness; if it is difficult to break, it means that it is tough, and the more difficult it is to fold The pipe can be broken, the strength is very good, and the toughness is generally good. Finally, the broken sputum can be observed (except for the sawing mouth). The finer the sputum, the better the homogenization, strength and toughness of the pipe. The impact resistance of UPVC pipes can also be judged by macroscopic methods in a simple way. The room temperature can be selected to be close to 20 ° C. It will be sawed into a 200 mm long pipe section (for a 110 mm pipe) and slammed with a hammer. A good pipe is difficult to break at once. (The thicker the pipe, the greater the bearing capacity).

Conditional users can make the pipe into a dumbbell type with a width of 6mm in parallel and a tensile strength of 5mm/min. The tensile strength is greater than 10MPa. The longer you stretch, the better the tube. When users choose UPVC pipes, they should choose large-scale well-known enterprise products from reputable dealers or direct sales to well-known brands. After our preliminary investigation, the qualified rate of miscellaneous UPVC pipes sold by roadside small distribution points is less than 20%.