Use of Quick Coupling


1. Why use quick connectors? 1. Time-saving and labor-s […]

1. Why use quick connectors?
1. Time-saving and labor-saving: When the oil circuit is disconnected and connected through the quick connector, the action is simple, saving time and manpower.
2. Fuel saving: When the oil circuit is broken, the single valve on the quick connector can close the oil circuit, so that the oil will not flow out, and the oil pressure loss can be avoided
3. Environmental protection: When the quick connector is broken and connected, the oil will not spill and protect the environment.
4. The equipment is divided into parts for easy transportation: large equipment or hydraulic tools that need to be easily carried, use quick connectors to disassemble and transport, and then assemble and use after reaching the destination.
 5. Economy: All the above advantages have created economic value for customers.
Second, how to choose a quick connector

1. Type and temperature of fluid (please select a quick coupling suitable for the type of fluid and temperature of the body material and sealing material)
According to the fluid, the suitable body material and sealing material are different. For example, the quick connector is air. It is recommended to be made of steel, or brass or stainless steel if it is water.
2. The pressure of the liquid (please select a quick coupling suitable for the pressure resistance of the fluid pressure)
The pressure of the fluid is also the key to selecting a quick coupling. Quick couplings for hydraulic use are serialized between 5.0Mpa (51kgf/cm²) and 68.6Mpa (700kgf/cm²). Corresponding to the pressure characteristics, the structure of the quick couplings is also different.
3. The use environment of the quick coupling (please select the quick coupling of the structure and material suitable for the use environment)
The type of quick coupling, body material, and sealing material should be selected in consideration of the humidity conditions, dust conditions, and easy corrosion of the use environment.
Fourth, the shape and size of the installation (please order the product after confirming the final shape and size)
Please determine the type and material of the quick coupling, and specify the assembly shape and size corresponding to the piping characteristics. Please note that size is related to fluid flow.
Five: Precautions for use:
1. Please do not use it for fluids other than applicable fluids.
2. Do not exceed the maximum operating pressure limit during use.
3. Do not use outside the operating temperature range to prevent wear or leakage of the sealing material.
4. Do not hit, bend, stretch, or cause damage.
5. Do not use in places mixed with metal powder or sand to prevent poor work or leakage.
6. ​​For threaded installation, do not exceed the maximum tightening torque during installation to prevent damage.
7. Do not use hoses with cracks to prevent leakage or falling off.
8. If it is used in a machine with vibration or impact, the durability will be reduced.
9. The fluid used must be clean fluid filtered by a filter.
10. Do not disassemble the quick connector.