Installation and precautions of PE water supply pipe


In order to better guarantee the quality of PE water su […]

In order to better guarantee the quality of PE water supply pipes, the construction team should understand the characteristics of the pipes and construct the projects in accordance with the requirements of relevant technical specifications or technical manuals. PE water supply pipes belong to plastic pipes, which are less rigid and impact resistant than metal pipes. Therefore, in the winter storage and transportation, construction and subsequent installation procedures, attention should be paid to safe and civilized construction, production safety, and appropriate maintenance of the finished products in many aspects . During the construction process of the project, it is necessary to prevent the application of unsuitable external force to the pipeline from causing damage to the mechanical equipment, leaving hidden cracks in the pipe, and planting hidden safety hazards.

Do not press, beat, pedal or suspend heavy objects on the installed pipelines, and cover the maintenance objects on the parts that are easily affected by external forces when necessary. PE water supply pipe has a certain ultra-low temperature brittleness at ultra-low temperature. Pay attention to construction measures in winter. Do not use electric saws, hand saws, and cut quickly to prevent impact damage to the top of the pipe, and even invisible cracks, which may lead to hidden water seepage safety hazards.



When cutting the pipe with scissors, the scissors should be perpendicular to the axis of the pipe, and the pipe and the scissors should be rotated and pressed down firmly. Do not cut the pipe hard in one direction, because that will cause the top of the pipe to be squeezed and deformed, and micro-cracks are likely to occur at the deformed place, which may cause safety hazards. During winter construction measures, be especially careful, cut off the top of the pipe by 4~125px.

The connecting end face of the pipe and fittings must be cleaned, dry and oil-free. Use a straightedge and a suitable pen to accurately measure and plot the hot melt depth at the end of the pipe. The hot melt depth should meet the requirements. During the hot-melt connection, guide the pipe into the heating jacket without rotation and insert it to the marked depth, and push the pipe fitting over the heating head without rotation to achieve the required marking. The heating time should consider the technical requirements of the PE water supply pipe hot-melt socket connection welding machine. If the ambient temperature is low, the heating time can be appropriately increased.

According to the standard requirements, after the installation of the PE water supply pipe, pressure test must be carried out. The pipeline pressure test should be carried out 24 hours after the hot melt socket connection; during pressure test, a manual pump should be used for pressure, the pressure rise time is not less than 10min, the pressure accuracy of the accurate measuring instrument and equipment is 0.01Mpa, and the test pressure is 1.5 times the working pressure And not less than 0.6MPa, the pressure drop of the regulator tube for 1 hour, can not exceed 0.02MPa, no leakage or leakage.