Methods and tools for cutting PVC pipe


For PVC pipe engineering projects, PVC pipes need to be […]

For PVC pipe engineering projects, PVC pipes need to be cut to a suitable length. Cutting PVC pipes is very simple and much simpler than other building materials. There are many different ways to cut, depending on the tool you use. Here are three ways to cut PVC pipes:

Plastic pipe cutting machine

This is a very easy and clean way to cut PVC pipes, however, you must use a plastic pipe cutter. These are very cheap tools (8 to 25 yuan each) and can be purchased at a nearby hardware store.

They are of two types:

Rotary pipe cutter-best for smaller diameter PVC pipes,

The blade used in the rotary pipe cutter is clamped down to the edge of the pipe, and it can be rotated to cut deeper into the pipe. Place the point to be cut on the blade in the jaw of the pipe cutter, then squeeze the handle together and rotate the cutter around the pipe.

Ratchet pipe cutting machine

Suitable for large diameter PVC pipes,

The ratchet tube cutter uses a ratchet mechanism that repeatedly applies the pressure of the blade to the plastic. Simply place the mark to be cut on the blade of the pipe cutter and squeeze until it comes into contact with the pipe wall. Loosen the mechanism and squeeze again until the blades completely pass through the pipe.

The only drawback to cutting with a plastic pipe cutter is that the hand feels pain and keeps squeezing the handle of the cutter.


Manual sawing is the most common method for cutting PVC pipes, but it can be a little messy. Almost any type of saw can be used, but a hacksaw is best because it provides more flexibility. To cut a pipe with a hand saw, simply fix or clamp the pipe to the edge of a counter or table and use a saw on the mark to be cut. Always reciprocate along the pipeline.

Using a hacksaw or other handsaw is essentially "piercing" the pipe, often leaving "burrs" at the end of the pipe (and elsewhere). These are rough burr heads that need to be knocked out to make the ends of the pipes clean. It can be removed by tapping it along the end of the tube with a blade.

Electric miter saw

When cutting a large number of pipes, the electric miter saw is the fastest solution for cutting PVC pipes. Before operating, you need to understand the working principle of the miter saw to avoid hurting yourself. Once skilled in operation, a large number of PVC pipes can be cut very quickly and accurately.

To cut PVC with a miter saw, there must be a way to clamp the tube to the base of the miter saw. After clamping, make sure that the saw blade is aligned with the mark on the PVC pipe, then activate the saw blade and slowly place the saw on the pipe until it is completely cut off. After passing completely, release the button and stop the saw blade, then raise the saw head again.