Pipe fittings specifications and purchase points


PE-X tube Good low temperature toughness, high temperat […]

PE-X tube

Good low temperature toughness, high temperature resistance, good stress crack resistance, no thermoplastic energy, can not be connected and repaired by hot melt welding, only metal pipe fittings can be used for mechanical connection, and water leakage is prone to occur in long-term use.

The PE-RT tube retains the advantages of the PEX tube. The tube can be connected by hot melt, the joint is reliable, it is not easy to leak, the flexibility and low temperature resistance are good, and the material price is moderate, the cost performance is high, and it is currently used in floor heating. General purpose pipe.

PB tube

It has high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance and low temperature performance, good impact resistance, easy bending and no rebound. It is the softest of several kinds of floor heating pipes. The raw material price is the highest, and it is currently used less in the country.

PP-R pipe fittings

It is excellent in high temperature resistance, mechanics and connection performance, non-toxic and hygienic. It is an ideal pipe for domestic hot water and radiator system tubes. However, due to its low temperature impact resistance, it is less used in floor heating pipes.

Small pipe fittings, large acting joints: When purchasing, pay attention to the size of the water pipe. When the pipe is not long enough, connect the two pipes.

Elbows: The different stamping elbows used in raw materials are also different. According to different environments, please choose the punching elbow that suits you.

Three-way class: Determine the medium to be controlled, and select the three-way temperature regulating valve according to the medium to be controlled and its design flow.

Flange: The nature of the conveying medium, the nominal pressure and connection of the flange are determined according to the working temperature and working pressure of the medium. Cap type: Head, plug, cover, pipe cover, bulkhead, used to close the pipeline, the same function as the pipe plug.

Valve type: Determine the working condition, connection method, operation mode and type of the valve.

Pipe fittings wholesale manufacturers remind you to purchase pipe fittings

1. Selection: Select the pipe fittings for the pipe, it is best to choose the matching pipe fittings of the same brand;

2, smell: first smell whether there is a pungent smell, good quality pipe fittings should be without any odor;

3, look at the appearance: see whether the color, gloss is uniform; whether the wall thickness of the pipe is uniform, the wall is smooth;

4, test performance: the pipe sample, placed in high temperature hot water soaked, good pipe will still maintain the original hardness;

5, choose the brand: carefully read the instructions and certificate, to the large, formal building materials market to buy materials.