Ppr pipe fittings name and install introduction


1. PPR pipe fittings: U-shaped pipe clamp, dark valve, […]

1. PPR pipe fittings: U-shaped pipe clamp, dark valve, plastic-coated metal pipe clamp, 90° elbow with internal thread, single-joint copper ball valve, equal-diameter tee, flange, flange iron ring, pipe plug, Control bridge bend, lengthened pipe clamp, globe valve, internal thread 90° elbow, internal thread joint, internal thread tee, internal thread double 90° elbow, internal thread straight through, ordinary pipe clamp, 45° elbow , 90° elbow, 90° reducer, full plastic joint (for S3.2 and below series), full bore stop valve, double union copper ball valve, zenith elevator, external thread 90° elbow , external thread plug, external thread joint, external thread tee, external thread straight through, reducer tee, reducer straight through, long leg tube card, straight cross, straight through, injection molding bridge bend.

2, rigid clamp (also known as rigid joint or clip) internal teeth direct, external teeth direct, 90 degree elbow, 45 degree elbow, tee, internal teeth tee, variable diameter, 45 ° elbow 90 ° elbow Positive three-way three-way reducer (also called size head) mechanical three-way mechanical four-way conversion flange (also known as flange short tube or single-piece flange) flange tube card (also known as double-piece flange or split) Flange) blind (also called plug) direct, cap, cross the bridge. This is basically the same for home improvement.

How to install ppr tube

1. Make the line work first, then open the slot. I think it should be better for the plumber to do it. Because at least people are professional, if the water pipe that they pick up leaks, it will not be good. From the connection of the PPR tube is: hot melt connection. The hot melt temperature is 260 degrees. Your installation scale should refer to your design scale. This has to be designed according to your home decoration.

2, the general PPR can not go to the surface, the first PPR to be deformed by gravity, the second PPR is easy to age. The third one is white PPR, which is easy to transmit light to form breeding bacteria. So it is recommended to bury. PPR water pipes can also be connected by hot-melt sockets. The pipe and pipe fittings are completely integrated. The strength of the joints even exceeds the strength of the pipe body. As long as the construction is proper, the pressure is tested and the reliability is extremely high.

3, PPR tube is afraid of long-term sun exposure, so it can be properly covered with foam insulation sleeve during installation, easy to use 3.4 thick hot water pipe, which is more durable. Of course, the PPR tube should also choose a big brand.