PVC pipe outer diameter size specifications and uses


There are many kinds of pvc pipe production formulas, s […]

There are many kinds of pvc pipe production formulas, such as ABS material, which can be used in a wide range of applications to transport drinking water, mud and chemicals. In addition, the relevant auxiliary materials are configured, and after comprehensive mixing, the corresponding conveying is carried out, and after it is subjected to multiple production processes, it is placed in a mold to be finished. There is also a UPVC material, which is characterized by very high chemical resistance, excellent service life and quality, and is relatively easy to install.

Secondly, the pvc-u pipe formulation also has a lot of content. For example, the finished product made of CPVC has very strong resistance to various harsh substances such as acid, alkali and salt. And using PP to cover multiple materials can directly output drinking water and ultra-pure water, which plays a big role in pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Of course, PE can also be used. It does not need to be dry, can withstand a lot of pressure, is not easily corroded by toxic substances, has very strong toughness, and is used for a very long time. It is not easy to breed bacteria inside, so we can use it with confidence.

The difference in the outer diameter of PVC pipe is very large. The way to use the outer diameter of different pipes is also very different. The way of using it will be very different. For example, the pipe with the outer diameter is greater than or equal to 100 mm. Will use the apron to interface, then if the outer diameter is less than 100 mm, the method used is different, the method of bonding the joint, and of course the method of connecting using the joint, in short, the outside Different PVC pipes will have different methods of use.

When the outer diameter of PVC pipe is small, when using solvent to bond, you need to do some preliminary work, that is, to chamfer the buckle, then a slope type interface will be formed. It does not leak water and can be firmly bonded. Under normal circumstances, when a pipe with a diameter greater than 100 mm is used for bonding work, a rubber ring is used as an interface. During the work, personnel are arranged to pour the pipe socket into A 45 degree angle, of course, must check in advance whether the rubber ring used is very qualified, in order to decide to use, but also to clean these places very clean.

There are many kinds of PVC pipe outer diameter specifications, and the price will be different. The largest pipe has a diameter of nearly 200 mm. Because the environment is very large, the specifications for the outer diameter will be different. The price difference is very large, and the wall thickness will be very different, because the environment requirements used are different.