Quality control method of PE water supply pipe


There are many specifications and models of PE raw mate […]

There are many specifications and models of PE raw materials. The same type of raw materials can produce PE corrugated pipes, but not PE water supply pipes. Here, manufacturers still have to go through a lot of inspections and select suitable raw materials for their own production of pipes.

1. The harm of temperature to the quality of PE water supply pipe

Temperature is the key reason that endangers the plasticization and manufacturing of plastic pipes. The temperature is too low, the plasticization is not good, and the temperature is too high, and the raw materials are very easy to dissolve. Temperature control should be based on the original formula, extruder and head structure, screw speed and other factors. When processing hard pvc pipes, the processing temperature and the dissolution temperature are very close, and the raw material temperature at each point should be strictly controlled during the processing. Also pay attention to the deviation of the temperature measuring instrument and the location of the measuring point.



2. The harm of screw speed to the quality of PE water supply pipeline

The choice of screw speed directly harms output and quality. The screw speed depends on the size of the extruder and the size of the pipe. The rotation speed is increased, the amount of extrusion is increased, and the shearing force of the raw material is large, which is conducive to the plasticization of the raw material, but the residence time of the raw material in the screw is short, and the excessively high friction heat promotes the roughness of the pipe cavity and the pipe is resistant to pressure The intensity is reduced. Therefore, the control of the screw speed should be fully balanced according to the output, product appearance and physical and mechanical properties.

3. Harm of traction speed coefficient to the quality of PE water supply pipe

The traction speed directly harms the wall thickness of the product. The pulling speed should be consistent with the extrusion speed. Generally, the pulling speed is 1% to 10% higher than the tube extrusion speed.