Quickly judge your ppr pipe quality


Water is the source of life. In daily life, water is in […]

Water is the source of life. In daily life, water is indispensable. Then ppr pipe is used as a conduit for conveying water. When we choose it, it is not sloppy. Therefore, when choosing ppr pipe, we must pay attention to it. To see if it has the following advantages, whether it is a qualified ppr pipe, let us know more about it below!

1. Good heat resistance and heat preservation performance

Ppr on the market can be said to be the best choice for hot and cold water pipes. Long-term use of higher temperature water, ppr water pipes can also withstand the same, the instantaneous use of water temperature can reach 95 ° C, so the heat resistance of ppr can not be underestimated, Moreover, it has good thermal insulation properties and does not require insulation materials when used as a hot water pipe.

2, light weight

Because the ppr tube is a pipe formed by injection molding, it has the advantage of light weight. Because of this advantage, it is greatly reduced in transportation and construction, which is one of the reasons why everyone loves it.

3, good corrosion resistance

The plastic water pipe will not rust, so that he will not have the same problem as the traditional metal material, and the ppr tube is a non-polar material. Such a pipe can avoid other elements in the water. A chemical reaction occurs so that the water does not produce harmful substances during the transportation process, and it does not scale!

4, the resistance is small

The PPR water pipe has a smooth surface, which makes the pipe resistance small and consumes less energy. The same type of ppr pipe fittings are connected and melted into a perfect whole, avoiding the problem of water leakage.

5, environmental protection, health, safety

Because it will not cause pollution during production and construction, the waste can be recycled and reused, belonging to green building materials.