Replacement Tank Connectors


When you are ready to replace your tank connector, you […]

When you are ready to replace your tank connector, you need to look for a tank connector that has a threaded male and female joint. This type of tank connector has the ability to connect your tank to your bulkhead and is compatible with both types of bulkheads. Ensure that the male thread on the tank connector matches the male thread on the bulkhead.

Quick Joints for tank connectors are quick coupling fittings that can be installed straight on tank walls without the need for welding or sealants. They also require no locknuts or maintenance. They have an excellent seal and good resistance to temperature jumps and stress. This makes Quick Joints ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Flexible PTFE connectors are designed to withstand expansion and contraction and isolate vibration and shock. They also feature low spring rates to protect connections from excessive stress. They are easy to install directly on the tank dome and can be used on larger tanks. Larger expansion joints are also available. These fittings can also be installed on outside tanks.

Sekoplastic's nylon threaded male/female marine tank connector is designed for use with a variety of metal fittings. Its design minimizes cross threading and offers flexibility for new and existing installations. Its construction is salt-water resistant, making it ideal for a variety of marine applications.

The threaded fittings from Sekoplastic are rated for 16 bar and are made of glass reinforced nylon, which provides flexibility and strength. The high-quality threads also minimize cross threading. This means that you won't need to worry about cross-threading, which saves you money and time.


product description:

Tank Connector
Specifications: 1/2"-2"
Thread from 1/2"-2"
Pressure piping applications
Ease of installation
Water distribution,Irrigation
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