Requirements for laser cutting of PE pipes


The key of PE pipe is made of PE grease as raw material […]

The key of PE pipe is made of PE grease as raw material. It is usually used as water pipe and gas pipe. It has the advantages of stable and reliable pretext, impact resistance of raw materials and good chemical corrosion resistance. In addition, it has excellent Hygienic properties. However, in the whole process of application of PE pipe, laser cutting of the pipe is inevitable, but in order to maintain the detailed characteristics of the pipe after laser cutting, certain requirements must be followed in the whole process, then we will come to the simple Master some laser cutting requirements of PE pipes.

1. In the case of laser cutting PE pipes, mechanical equipment or plasma methods cannot be used to carry out laser cutting.

2. The laser cutting method of the grinding wheel can be selected or the special grinding wheel can be used in the case of grinding.

3. Use mechanical equipment or manual methods to laser cut PE pipes.

4. Carbon steel pipes and galvanized steel pipes are more suitable for laser cutting with hacksaw or mechanical equipment.



5. The wound quality of the PE tube should meet the following requirements: the wound surface should be smooth, free of cracks, heavy skin, burrs, bumps, necking, slag, oxides, iron filings, etc. The inclination error of the inner hole of the wound shall not exceed 1% of the outer diameter of the pipe, and shall not exceed 3mm, and the unevenness error shall not exceed 1mm.

In the case that the PE water supply pipe is not used temporarily, it must be stored first, which is conducive to the next successful application, so what should be done in practice?

In the case of storing PE water supply pipes, please note that they should be stacked horizontally on a flat support or on the ground. The stacking height should not exceed 1.5m. When the pipes are bundled into 1X1mm square bundles with supports on both sides for maintenance, the stacking height can be increased appropriately, but not Exceeding 3m, and should be stacked in an orderly manner one by one, and ensure that it does not collapse, which is conducive to handling and management methods. The PE water supply pipe should be stored in a well-ventilated warehouse, or a simple shed with a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. If it is forced to be placed outdoors, it should also be covered with a cover. If it is pipes with different diameters and different wall thicknesses, they should be stacked separately.

Only by storing the PE water supply pipe in that way can the problem be prevented. Naturally, before application, it is necessary to check carefully to see if there is a problem and ensure that there is no problem before it can be used.