Safety Issues in PE Water Supply Pipe Construction


PE water supply pipes will encounter many safety risks […]

PE water supply pipes will encounter many safety risks when they are installed. Let's take a look at the installation problems of PE water supply pipes. Be sure to accurately measure the voltage of the machine and equipment chassis grounding device after loading to ensure personal safety. Be sure to accurately measure the working voltage of the power grid and generator set to ensure that the working voltage is 220V to prevent machine damage. The temperature indicator light of the heating plate must be on to ensure the welding temperature. All objects touched by the inner welding hole must be removed to ensure the welding quality.

PE water supply pipes are often used in the transformation and reconstruction of urban water pipe networks. The key is to do a good job in the installation of building construction and control the quality. Therefore, pay attention to the following issues when building PE water supply pipelines. The technical preparation before building construction is adequate, and engineering drawings should be mastered and grasped before building construction. Prepare adequately relative building construction machines. Conduct professional ability training and learning for the operating process staff, and the training and learning can be carried out for the construction of water supply pipes. Completion acceptance of pipe fittings and pipe materials shall be carried out in accordance with standards. Excavation of pipe trench foundation pit and pe water supply pipe trench foundation pit excavation must be carried out strictly in accordance with the design drawing or construction project supervision established and marked foundation pit excavation line and depth, and cannot be changed without the permission of relevant departments.



The safety accident of PE water supply pipe is very dangerous, how to prevent it during construction?

1. During the whole process of construction, the operation of pipelines under the landfill site is not standard, causing leakage safety accidents.

2. The user dismantles and replaces the water supply pipeline in private, and usually does not allow non-professionals to dismantle and replace it by themselves, because it belongs to gas. If the explosion has serious consequences, it is necessary to wait for a professional to repair or install it.

3. In order to make the kitchen beautiful and generous, many residents usually bury the pipes, so that gas leaks and bury potential safety hazards should be set.

4. Geological subsidence will also cause pipeline damage.

5. It is not necessary to turn off the main valve without permission. If you turn it off, if you want to apply it, you must make sure that the pipeline pressure is normal and not easy to cause leakage. In addition, the pipes in the room should not be hung with anything, nor should they be coiled with other wires.