Temperature control requirements of PE pipe


In the process of processing, because PE polyethylene p […]

In the process of processing, because PE polyethylene pipe is a heat-sensitive raw material, even if heat stabilizers are added, it can only increase the decomposition temperature and increase the stable time without decomposition. This requires us to carry out the molding production and processing of the product. Strictly control the temperature.


1. Due to the high melt viscosity and poor circulation of PE polyethylene pipe, in order to avoid the screw temperature increase due to excessive frictional heat, which may cause the screw sticky material to decompose or make the pipe inner wall rough, the screw temperature must be reduced.


2. The outlet water temperature should be controlled to be no less than 70~80℃, and the cooling method is to carry out the cooling water in the screw through the copper pipe.



3. The temperature is generally controlled in the middle of 80~100℃. If the temperature is too low, the working pressure will increase, and the production will be reduced. It will even cause the accident that the material cannot be squeezed out and the pipe is destroyed.


In addition, PE polyethylene pipes are very close to the decomposition temperature due to their production and processing temperature, usually due to poor temperature control resulting in decomposition. Therefore, we must strictly control the temperature.