The difference between PVC pipe and PPR pipe


PVC pipe and PPR pipe and as a common plastic pipe are […]

PVC pipe and PPR pipe and as a common plastic pipe are widely used in urban water supply and heating systems; urban residents drinking water pipelines, agricultural irrigation, water-saving irrigation projects; oil pipelines and gas pipeline networks; communication cable jackets, etc. The ideal product for large-scale real estate projects, factory and mine construction, and urban construction. How to easily distinguish between PPR pipe and PVC pipe?

First, the raw materials used in the production of PPR pipes and PVC pipes are different. The PPR tube is produced from a copolymerized polypropylene material, while the PVC tube is produced from a polyvinyl chloride material. The production materials are different, resulting in different properties.

Second, the color of PPR pipes and PVC pipe products are different due to different materials. The PPR pipe of polypropylene material has bright appearance and better toughness of the pipe. Other color pipes can be produced according to different color masterbatch; PVC pipe is mostly milky white, the surface is shiny, but the cross section is not, the material is relatively fragile.

Third, the wall thickness is different. The PPR pipe is divided into four pipes and six pipes, and the wall thickness is 2.3 mm and 3.5 mm respectively; the wall thickness of the PVC pipe is 6 mm and the wall thickness is 2.0 mm, and the wall thickness of the port 8-10 mm is 2.5 mm.

Fourth, production costs are different. Due to the material and wall thickness, the production cost and price of PPR pipe and PVC pipe are also different. In general, the price of PPR pipes is relatively high.

Fifth, the use is different. Due to material reasons, PVC pipes are not as hygienic and safe as PPR pipes. PPR pipes are generally used as water supply pipes in home installations. They can be used for hot and cold water pipes. PVC pipes are often used for drain pipes. Only cold water pipes can be used.

There is no distinction between PPR pipe and PVC pipe. Their characteristics are different and the scope of application is different. Before installing the pipeline, it is necessary to understand its characteristics, rationally regulate the use, and ensure the quality of water.