The inspection method of the pp pipe can be understood by one eye


1, look at the appearance, if the product looks rough, […]

1, look at the appearance, if the product looks rough, there are molding defects, color is not correct, there are impurities, printing quality is poor, it is best not to use. Products with unqualified appearance quality will affect the consumer's visual experience. At the same time, the appearance is a reflection of the inherent quality. Products with unqualified appearance often have poor internal quality and affect the use. If the printing quality is unqualified, it will affect the appearance, and if it is heavy, it will fade and contaminate other items.

2, smelling the smell, the main reason for the smell of plastic products is the use of recycled materials and inferior additives. Irritating odors from products with odors can harm the body's respiratory system. It is best not to use them.

3, try it out, - some products in order to attract the attention of consumers, the color is very bright. Dark products of poor quality will be ejected during use. These pigments are generally industrial pigments. Consumers can check for themselves whether the selected dark color product is qualified: pour a little vinegar on the absorbent cotton ball, and then wipe the food surface back and forth 100 times. If the cotton wool ball is dyed with color, the product is unqualified.