The key point of PE pipe connection


Such pipes produced by PE pipes usually have the advant […]

Such pipes produced by PE pipes usually have the advantages of impact resistance, crack resistance, aging resistance, and corrosion resistance, and the actual application effect is still very, very good.

However, in the case of connecting PE pipes, you should pay attention to selecting suitable hot-melt installation methods. In order to better install the piping system properly and ensure the customer's own safety and construction quality, it is recommended to use multi-directional welding machines and hot-melt butt machines. In the case of welding, first fix the PE pipe to be welded on the butting machine, apply fixtures according to the pipe specifications, and plan the inner hole with a milling cutter to make the connecting inner hole smooth, flat, clean and vertical . Pay attention to adjusting the height of the pipe, so that the inner hole of the pipe to be welded is completely in line with the heating plate.



After the heating plate is automatically heated to the rated temperature, the pipes that must be welded are combined to heat the inner hole. After the heating time is reached, the pipe is separated from the heating plate and the two heating inner holes are combined and connected.

If the single-sided production process is selected, the production line equipment of PE pipe is very simple. Because the pipe is applied with electrical conductivity, although it can resist destructive carbon black, it has weak performance and low pressure. If it is a surface coating process, the machine and equipment skills are relatively simple. It is to coat a layer of anti-static material on the inner and outer surface of the pipe to make the PE pipe meet the requirements, but one thing to understand is that the surface of the anti-static material It is easy to be worn off, and the safety factor is not very good.

If the double-layer composite processing technology is used, it mainly includes three-layer co-extrusion, which means that the inner and outer layers of the pipe are anti-static and flame retardant, the inner layer is impact resistant, or the inner and outer layers are anti-static and flame retardant; The layer is made of metal steel wire wrapped with impact resistance and compressive strength. This characteristic for PE pipes will cause great harm.