Tools needed for electrofusion welding of PE pipe fittings


Electrofusion connection PE pipes and fittings are divi […]

Electrofusion connection PE pipes and fittings are divided into electrofusion socket connection and electrofusion saddle connection. Socket connections specifically include electrofusion through, electrofusion reduction, electrofusion tee, electrofusion elbow, and electrofusion end cap. Saddle-shaped connectors specifically include saddle-shaped repair parts, saddle-shaped through and saddle-shaped bypasses. Electric fusion connection is to use a professional electric fusion welding machine to control the current amount and energization time of the embedded resistance wire in the pipe fitting to make the welding surface reach the welding temperature and digest and absorb the effective heat. According to the internal pressure caused by the expansion of the melt, the surfaces that touch each other are sufficiently melted for welding purposes.

Resistance wire: The inner wall of the pipe fitting can be divided into two types: exposed type and buried type according to the wiring method of the resistance wire.

Limit switch: located in the middle of the pipe. Its effect is to prevent over-insertion of pipes during insertion, but for better engineering construction and convenient maintenance, the compressive strength of limit switches is usually not good, and it is easy to eliminate for better maintenance or when necessary.

Terminal: It is used for two-stage connection with the output line of the electric welding machine. Common specifications and models are 4.0mm and 4.7mm. Observation hole: It is located inside the external terminal of the pipe fitting. When the welding is completed, there must be material in the observation hole, as a basis for judging the welding result.



Barcode: When welding, the welding information on the barcode is collected into the welding machine according to the vulnerability scanning tool.

The main welding parameters: specific heating time and cooling time. Manually input the main parameters when welding. The professional equipment for electrofusion connection is called electrofusion welding machine. It is composed of three parts: the host and power input line and output line. The output terminals are equipped with two types of connectors according to the specifications of the pipe fittings and terminals. The main unit has a power switch and an actual operation control panel. According to the actual operation, the control panel can set the output voltage and welding time. The input voltage of the welding machine is 220V AC, and the rated power is about 3000W. It is suitable for the actual operation of connecting various specifications and models of electrofusion pipe fittings.

PE pipes and pipe fittings also need the following auxiliary common tools when carrying out electrofusion connection: modular fixtures, fixtures, flat scrapers, rotating scrapers, climbing scrapers, pipe scissors, pipe cutters, oily markers, squares, etc.