Types of Sprinkler Systems


A Sprinkler is a system that applies water to the lawn […]

A Sprinkler is a system that applies water to the lawn by adjusting its height. There are different kinds of sprinklers, such as pop-up sprinklers and deluge sprinklers. Each type has a different function. For instance, a two-inch sprinkler is perfect for lawns with rocky soil. Meanwhile, a four-inch sprinkler is ideal for grassy lawns. Its small body provides more clearance above grass, but the sprinkler can function even on grass with longer blades.

Wet pipe

A Wet pipe sprinkler system is the most common type of fire sprinkler system. It's also the simplest. It contains a series of pipes filled with pressurized water. It is best for buildings with non-freezing temperatures. Wet pipe systems are also easier to reset after a fire because all you need to do is refill the pipes with water.

The two types of sprinkler systems are largely the same, but the difference is in the installation and maintenance. Dry pipe systems require a constant air supply and special components that are more expensive. The installation process is much more complex, and these systems also have more design restrictions. For that reason, wet pipe systems are typically the more cost-effective choice.

Wet pipe sprinkler systems are the most efficient and reliable of the sprinkler systems. For this reason, they should be the first type to be considered when choosing a sprinkler system. However, it is important to note that this type of system isn't appropriate in all situations. The temperature of the space will have a large impact on whether it is suitable for this system.

Another type of system is called double interlock preaction. This is used for situations where the accidental presence of water in the piping system could lead to costly remediation. With this system, water is delivered to the fire zone with a delay. However, the delayed water delivery would allow the fire to grow, causing additional sprinklers to open and a larger portion of the building to be affected.


Sprinkler pop-ups can be installed near decks, walkways, and paths to help prevent grass from dying. They do not require ratchet clips or thread tape to attach to the perimeter of the property. These sprinklers have the same pop-up bodies as Hunter and Rain Bird sprinklers. The difference between them is the height of the stem. The height of a sprinkler pop-up is usually 100mm or less. The height of the body and its nozzle allows the sprinkler to spray the right direction and at the right distance.

Pop-up sprinklers are manufactured by reputable manufacturers. You can find pop-up sprinklers made by Toro, K-Rain, Orbit, Rain, Irritrol, Hit, and more. These are all high-quality sprinklers that are cost-effective and made to last.

Sprinkler pop-ups are typically used in residential settings. Because they lie flush with the ground during the majority of the time, they do not detract from the beauty of your lawn. However, you should keep in mind that these sprinklers don't have adjustable arcs and are therefore not as effective for high-traffic areas. Additionally, they do use more water than other sprinkler types.

One of the most common reasons pop-up sprinklers don't work properly is because sand particles have wedged between the sprinkler nozzle and riser. These sand grains cause the sprinkler head to jam halfway up. To clear this problem, push back the sprinkler head with your foot and release the pressure to let it pop up properly. If the sprinkler head still won't pop up, you can simply push it back down. This will flush out the sand grains that may have lodged in the gap.


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