What accessories are needed for heating pipeline transformation


In the home renovation, the renovation of the radiator […]

In the home renovation, the renovation of the radiator system is also indispensable, but when the radiator system is remodeled, just remodeling the heating pipe will be all right? In fact, other fittings are also indispensable for the renovation of heating water pipes. So, what accessories are needed for the heating pipeline transformation

Pipe sleeve: Generally, the water pipe is not long enough to extend the pipe;

Elbow: If you change the direction of the water pipe, you need to connect the pipe to turn. The conventional elbow has 45° and 90°;

Inner wire and outer wire: Generally, they are used as a complete set, which can be used to connect faucets, water meters and other types of water pipes. Inner wires are used in home decoration;

Tee: The literal meaning is that it can connect water pipes in three different directions;

Size head: used to connect pipe diameters of different sizes;

Plug: When installing the faucet, it is used to temporarily close the water outlet. Remember that the size of the pipe should be corresponding;

Shut-off valve: used to switch the water flow, fix the position of the water pipe, and prevent the water pipe from shifting;

S-bend and P-bend: S-bend is used for dislocation connection, P-bend is used for deodorization;

We have already talked about the water pipe fittings above. Next, explain, buy skills;

Optional accessories: choose matching;

Smell: Whether there is a pungent smell, remember that a good quality water pipe does not have any peculiar smell;

Look at the appearance: the color and gloss of the water pipe fittings, whether the pipe wall is smooth or not;

Test performance: Take a sample of the product and soak it in hot water to maintain the original hardness, indicating that the quality is good, and the inferior quality will soften when the water temperature is about 60°;