What are the advantages of hdpe enhanced winding tube


What is hdpe reinforced winding tube? It is a reinforce […]

What is hdpe reinforced winding tube? It is a reinforced tube made of HDPE resin as the raw material and polypropylene (PP) corrugated tube as the skeleton tube by the winding molding process. The diameter of the product is 300-3500mm, the length of the standard tube is 6m, and the product is characterized by a smooth inner surface and a special reinforced structure on the outside. HDPE reinforced winding tube is a kind of hdpe winding tube, which is an enhanced version of hdpe winding tube.

hdpe enhances the advantages of winding tubes:

Strength and stiffness

HDPE reinforced winding pipe is not as good as concrete pipe, especially reinforced concrete pipe, but in practical application because hdpe reinforced winding pipe is a flexible pipe, as long as it is properly designed and constructed, it can bear the load together with the surrounding soil, compared with the same application conditions Other pipes are light in material and easy to transport. They are safer, more convenient and faster than the construction of cement pipes and steel pipes, and can significantly reduce costs. The unit pipe length is only 1/6 of the steel pipe, 1/8 of the cast iron pipe, and 1/13 of the cement pipe, which makes the construction work safer and can reduce the labor intensity of the workers.

Roughness factor

Compared with other pipes of the same type, a larger design flow rate and a lower specific friction can be obtained. At the same diameter, the use of hdpe reinforced winding pipe can reduce the slope and reduce the amount of laying works. In terms of sealing, the connection of hdpe reinforced winding pipe is firm and reliable, without leakage, and the toughness and elasticity are both good and the chemical properties are stable. , Can withstand all kinds of acid and alkali corrosion, excellent wear resistance, service life can reach more than 50 years.


Environmental protection

The hdpe reinforced winding tube is hygienic, pollution-free, and non-toxic, and no pollutants are produced during the entire production process. The used waste tube can be recycled and is an environmentally safe green product.


The hdpe reinforced winding pipe has good flexibility. In the pipeline construction process, there is no need to set a concrete cushion or concrete pipe base, and it can be laid directly in the trench. Basically, it can be digging, pipe down, and backfilling. The construction period is saved, the construction procedure is simplified, and manpower and material resources are saved.