What are the advantages of PE pipe


PE pipe has a rapid development trend in today's societ […]

PE pipe has a rapid development trend in today's society and has occupied an important reputation in the field of pipeline manufacturing. In addition to its convenient use, long application time, and corrosion resistance, what has caused its daily usage to increase rapidly?

PE pipe has good plasticity and good winding properties. The tensile strength of the PE pipe is more than 500%. Part of the vibration will not cause the vibration of all the water pipes, and the durability is very strong. It has high-quality ability to resist rapid crack transmission. In practice, when some pipelines are cracked, the cracks expand rapidly at a rapid rate, and the pipeline will be destroyed by more than ten meters or even five hundred meters in an instant. Many experiments have been carried out on the rapid crack transmission of plastic pipes in the world. Among the plastic pipes, the ability of polyethylene PE pipes to resist crack transmission has significant advantages.

Polyethylene is a plastic raw material, which can withstand the corrosion of a variety of organic chemicals, and does not require corrosion resistance. The compounds in the soil layer are not easy to dissolve the pipeline, and are not easy to rot, rust and be eroded. PE pipes are connected by socket connection and electrofusion pipe fittings. Ensure the identity of the material and structure of the socket and the tube itself. The compressive strength of the connected products and the compressive strength of the blasting engineering are higher than the pipeline itself. It can effectively resist the hoop force and radial tensile stress caused by gas pressure. High-quality sealing characteristics.



The inner wall of the PE pipe is smooth and does not scale. The equivalent roughness ratio of the outer surface of the pipe is 1/20 of that of a seamless steel pipe. With the same pipe length, the same length and the same working pressure, the commercial circulation capacity of PE pipes is about 30% larger than that of seamless steel pipes. The higher delivery volume reduces the working pressure hazards of pipelines and the energy consumption of water delivery, and the advantages of social and economic development are more significant. The PE pipe contains about 2.5% of carbon black and has a strong anti-ultraviolet radiation effect. It can be stored outdoors and has a service life of nearly 50 years.

The ultra-low temperature embrittlement temperature of PE pipe is very low, and it can be used in the temperature range of 40 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius below zero. Because the PE pipe is relatively light, it is convenient and quick to transport; it is easy to weld; the winding property of polyethylene enables the PE pipe to be coiled, and the requirements for PE pipe trenches are far lower than those for seamless steel pipe trenches. This greatly reduces the difficulty and cost of construction. The food hygiene and safety regulations of PE pipes take into account the application requirements and are not easy to cause secondary environmental pollution problems, and completely solve the problem of pipeline environmental pollution and water resources defects.

With its own plasticity, good winding, good sealing, no leakage, long service life, convenient and quick connection, simple construction and other characteristics, PE pipe is widely used in various fields, and its development prospects are relatively broad.