What are the advantages of PVC-C pipe


PVC-C has the characteristics of high temperature resis […]

PVC-C has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good flexibility, flame retardancy, aging resistance and convenient construction. It has been widely used in urban power grid construction and urban renovation projects, and has become a substitute for traditional pipe materials.

PVC-C is an amorphous thermoplastic tree made by polymerizing vinyl chloride monomer with a certain added composition. It has high melt viscosity and good heat resistance. It is a high quality engineering plastic and is applied to heating systems and fire protection systems.

PVC-C pipe quality features

1. Material properties

PVC-C pipe is the main material for PVC-C resin with excellent heat resistance and insulation performance. PVC-C products are recognized as green environmental protection products, and its excellent physical and chemical properties are receiving more and more attention from the industry. The power tube is a hard straight wall tube. The inner and outer walls are smooth and flat, the color is orange-red, and the color is bright and eye-catching.

2. heat resistance

The PVC-C pipe double-wall corrugated pipe has a heat-resistant temperature of 15 ° C, and can maintain no deformation under the environment of 93 ° C or above, and has sufficient strength.

3. insulation performance

PVC-C pipe can withstand high pressures above 30,000 volts.

4. compression resistance

PVC-C pipe material has been modified by materials, and the product ring stiffness reaches 1Okpa, which is obviously higher than the regulations of the relevant national departments for buried plastic pipes, whose ring stiffness should be above 8kpa.

5. high impact strength

PVC-C pipe can withstand 1kg weight and 2m height impact at 0 °C, fully reacting the low temperature impact performance of the material is fully applicable to the requirements of the construction environment.

6. flame retardant properties

PVC-C materials have good flame retardant properties and can be extinguished from fire. Since its chlorine content is significantly higher than that of PVC, the flame retardancy and smoke density index are more significantly improved.

7. installation performance

PVC-C pipe is light in weight, high in strength, simple in construction method, can be buried at night, backfilled, and can be opened as usual during the day; it is connected by elastic sealing rubber ring, which is convenient and quick to install and connect, and has good connection and sealing performance. It can prevent leakage of groundwater and effectively protect the safety of power cables.

8. long service life

PVC-C pipe material is corrosion resistant, anti-aging and has a service life of more than 50 years.