What are the advantages of using PE water pipes to transport water


The pe water supply pipe is beneficial for transportati […]

The pe water supply pipe is beneficial for transportation, and it also saves freight and reduces logistics costs. In addition, the pe water pipe is divided into two types: straight pipe and coil pipe. It is used as a new project for various types of water supply. It's cost-effective and cheap

The PE water supply pipe also has excellent characteristics such as cold resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance. PE water supply pipes have great advantages in water flow in big cities. PE water supply pipes are green and pollution-free pipes. The raw materials can be recycled. Because the pipes are not rusty, it is not only beneficial to environmental protection, but also beneficial to dismantling and replacing ordinary hot water pipes. .

When the PE water supply pipe is used to find the back side, it will be a non-smooth condition. In fact, this type of condition may be a very big reason. PE water supply pipes have great advantages in water flow in big cities. If a new raw material is used, they can be removed from the outside. The supply pipe has an uneven surface, but if it replaces the surface roughness in the chromatography of the surface layer , It can happen in a part of the mold.

Because the raw materials have been heated in the machine head or barrel for a long time, the machine head and barrel are not clean, the temperature in the production process is too high, or the screw is damaged and easy to become brittle. Large pits or holes are prone to occur during the entire extrusion process. If this kind of situation occurs, the equipment should be turned off for 1.5 hours, plus crushed raw materials.

When the raw material is wet, the small bubbles on the surface of some pe water pipes will also cause tingling after molding. This kind of pitting has a tail, which is formed by bending and stretching in the opposite direction to the extrusion direction, and the raw material must be dry. heal. Some low pitting will also occur when there is a residue that cannot be melted in the raw material. When the pitting is relatively large, the residue in the middle of the pitting can be seen. PE water supply pipes have great advantages in water flow in big cities. At this time, the production and processing temperature must be increased or the raw materials must be replaced.