What are the characteristics of the PP-R and PP-C pipe


PP-C pipe and fittings are installed in the same way as […]

PP-C pipe and fittings are installed in the same way as PP-R. Many people are confused about the difference between PP-R and PP-C, causing many misunderstandings and confusion. In international standards, polypropylene hot and cold water pipes are classified into PP-H, PP-B and PP-R, and there is no PP-C. The PP-C tube on the market is actually a PP-B tube, and the raw material is a block copolymer polypropylene tube special material. PP-B pipe is a kind of hot and cold water pipe, the price is relatively cheap, and its heat resistance and pressure resistance are very different from those of PP-R. For example: conditional classification 2, design pressure 0.6MPadn25mm pipe, PP-R pipe wall thickness 3.5mm, PP-B (PP-C) pipe wall thickness 5.1mm; design pressure 0.8MPadn25mm, PP-R pipe wall thickness 4.2mm And PP-B (PP-C) can not be used. Because the required wall thickness is too thick. The PP-C tube with the same structural size and PP-R on the market has much lower operating conditions and cannot be mixed with the PP-R tube. It is also impossible to replace the PP-R tube with a PP-C tube after determining the conditions of use. Use condition 2 to indicate design temperature 70 ° C, for hot water

In addition to the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, non-fouling and long service life of PP-R pipe, PP-R pipe also has the following main features:

1. Non-toxic and hygienic. PP-R's raw material molecules are only carbon and hydrogen, and there are no harmful and toxic elements. It is hygienic and reliable. It is not only used for hot and cold water pipes, but also for pure drinking water systems.

2, insulation and energy saving. The thermal conductivity of the PP-R tube is 0.21 w/mk, which is only 1/200 of the steel pipe.

3. Better heat resistance. The Vicat softening point of the PP-R tube was 131.5 °C. The maximum working temperature can reach 95 °C, which can meet the requirements of the hot water system in the building water supply and drainage code.

4, long service life. PP-R tube has a service life of more than 50 years under the working temperature of 70 ° C and working pressure (P.N) of 1.OMPa; the service life of normal temperature (20 ° C) can reach more than 100 years. Chengdu PP-R tube

5, easy to install, the connection can be *. PP-R has good welding performance. Pipes and fittings can be connected by hot melt and electrofusion. The installation is convenient, the joint can be *, and the strength of the joint is greater than the strength of the pipe itself.

6, the material can be recycled. After being cleaned and crushed, PP-R waste is recycled and used in the production of pipes and fittings. The amount of recycled materials does not exceed 10% of the total amount, and does not affect the quality of the products.