What are the differences between pc pipe and pvc pipe


1.from the price point of view It is different from the […]

1.from the price point of view

It is different from the material, and secondly there is a big price difference in the raw materials, and there are also many differences in characteristics and uses. PVC is polyvinyl chloride, the most commonly used, and the price is cheaper.

PC is polycarbonate, expensive, high strength, and long.

2.from the product point of view

The outstanding advantages of PVC resin plastic products are flame retardancy, wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and low water vapor leakage. In addition, the comprehensive mechanical properties, product transparency, electrical insulation, heat insulation, noise reduction, shock absorption, is the most versatile material with superior performance and price ratio. The defects are poor thermal stability and impact resistance, and it is easy to produce brittleness during the use of hard or soft PVC.

PC (polycarbonate) resin is a thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent performance. It has outstanding impact resistance, good creep resistance and dimensional stability, low heat resistance, low water absorption, non-toxicity and excellent dielectric properties. It is the top five. The only product with good transparency in engineering plastics is also the fastest growing general engineering plastic in recent years.

3.pressure resistance

The PC pipe is mainly used in places with high pressure, such as places with pressure in the water;

PVC pipes are generally used in places where there is no water pressure and are used in drain pipes.

Pvc product specifications

1.light type - 205 outer diameter ¢ 16mm - ¢ 50mm

2.medium-305 outer diameter ¢ 16mm-¢ 50mm

3.heavy duty - 305 outer diameter ¢ 16mm - ¢ 50mm