What are the functions of pe pipe


The use of pe pipes in various fields is slowly expandi […]

The use of pe pipes in various fields is slowly expanding. Generally, before an item is applied, in order to make full use of its application and high efficiency, we must first understand its various fields. Therefore, I will continue to learn about pe pipes. Here is an introduction to the various machines.

1. Non-toxic and hygienic: The pipe material is non-toxic and belongs to environmental protection hardware, does not corrode and does not accumulate.

2. Convenient connection: The key to pe pipeline is to introduce hot melt connection and electrofusion connection to integrate pipeline regulations and systems. It has excellent working ability to withstand water hammering pressure, integrated welding joints with pipes, and reasonable working ability against underground movement and end loads, which greatly stimulates the safety and reliability of water supply and stimulates water usage.

3. Corrosion resistance: pe is an inert material. Except for individual strengthening mixtures, it can withstand the corrosion of many chemicals in chemical plants. There is no corrosion in electrochemical plants and no anticorrosion layer is required.



4. Long furnace age for pe pipe selection: The safety of pe pressure pipe selection furnace age is more than fifty years.

5. Small flow resistance: There is no doubt that the roughness parameter of the pe water supply pipe does not exceed 0.01, which can reasonably reduce the water supply consumption.

6. Excellent winding property: The winding property of the pe pipe enables the pe water supply pipe to be coiled and displayed in a wider width, eliminating many joints and pipe fittings, and improving the financial use value of the material due to the pipeline.

7. High elasticity: pe water supply pipeline is a kind of high elasticity pipe, its tensile strength generally exceeds 500%, and its adaptability to uneven settlement of pipe foundation is very strong. It is a kind of pipeline with seismic performance and cost-effectiveness.

In general, the application functions of pe pipes occupies the majority, which can be integrated into different fields of application, and can provide reasonable help for them. Therefore, they are favored by users, and the development of pe pipes has been gradually expanded. Development trend.