What are the main application areas of PE pipes


PE pipes are also called polyethylene pipes. Usually, w […]

PE pipes are also called polyethylene pipes. Usually, we often touch hdpe pipes, which are high-density polyethylene pipes.

1. Urban and rural water pipe system

The pe pipe is environmentally sanitary, non-toxic, non-scaling, more suitable for urban and rural water supply main pipes and buried pipes, safety, environmental sanitation, economy, convenient engineering construction, and long service life.

2. Urban gas transportation pipeline

Because pe pipes have good creep resistance and rationality, they gradually replace ductile iron pipes for urban gas transportation.



3. Landscaping water supply network

Landscaping requires a lot of water pipes, and the flexibility and low cost of PE pipes make them the best choice.

4. Pipes for sewage discharge

PE pipes have distinctive corrosion resistance and can be used for industrial waste water and sewage discharge, with low cost and maintenance costs.

5. Agricultural machinery irrigation pipes

The PE pipe has a smooth inner cavity, large flow, can be constructed across highways, and has good impact resistance. It is an ideal pipe for agricultural machinery irrigation.