What are the main characteristics of PE pipe


1. Anti-corrosion characteristics of PE pipe Polyethyle […]

1. Anti-corrosion characteristics of PE pipe

Polyethylene is a plastic raw material that can withstand the corrosion of various chemical media. No electrochemical reaction, no anti-corrosion layer.

2. The characteristic of PE pipe not leaking

The key choice for polyethylene pipes is a fusion connection (hot-melt connection or electro-fusion connection), which essentially ensures the unity of the spigot material, structure and the nozzle itself, and completes the integration of the joint and the pipe. The test confirmed that the compressive strength and engineering blasting strength of the socket are higher than that of the pipe body. Compared with rubber joints or other mechanical joints, there will be no joint leakage problems.

3. The characteristics of high wear resistance of PE pipe

Polyethylene pipe is a kind of highly wear-resistant pipe, its tensile strength usually exceeds 500%, and it is very adaptable to uneven settlement of the pipe base. It is also a class of high-quality pipelines with seismic and seismic resistance. In the Kobe earthquake in Japan in 1995, polyethylene gas pipes and water supply pipes were the piping systems that survived. Therefore, after the earthquake in Japan, the application of PE pipes in the gas industry was vigorously developed.

4. PE pipe has the characteristics of high-quality flexibility

The flexibility of polyethylene enables polyethylene pipes to be coiled and supplied in longer lengths without the need for various connecting pipe fittings. For the construction of trenchless technology, the direction of the polyethylene pipe can be easily changed according to the regulations of the construction method, and the original size and dimensions can be restored after the construction is completed.

5. How to understand the characteristics of PE pipe with excellent ability to resist scratches

Scratches cause stress on the raw material and cause damage to the pipeline. When using trenchless technology, whether it is laying new pipes or replacing old pipes, scratches are more difficult to avoid. Research in recent years has proved that PE80 grade polyethylene pipe has a good ability to resist slow crack growth and scratch resistance, and PE100 polyethylene pipe has a better ability to resist scratches. Therefore, polyethylene pipes are widely used in non-excavation construction sites.