What are the main materials of the faucet


A plastic faucet is not only used as a terminal switch […]

A plastic faucet is not only used as a terminal switch for the water pipe valve, but also for mixed control of hot and cold water. Some different types of faucets are common in life. Users have a lot of demand points in the choice, such as single-hole faucet, single-handle faucet, faucet with spray head, central set faucet and wall-mounted faucet. Not only is there a choice in appearance, many users will have concerns about the material. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the quality depends on everyone's knowledge of the material. Let's introduce the materials of various faucets.




Brass is a very common material that can combine copper and zinc into an alloy. It emits a shiny yellow tone. Copper is a practical antibacterial agent, and its mode of action is unclear. Aluminum can be added to brass to make it stronger and resistant to corrosion. Tin material can also be added to prevent dezincification, which is the process by which brass loses its zinc properties after being exposed to water.


stainless steel


The stainless steel material can add an elegant appearance to the faucet. It is harder than brass, has the characteristics of nickel and chromium, and can create a gloss like silver. The texture is very hard and does not easily dent and wear. It will quickly show stains. When choosing a stainless steel faucet, make sure to clean it regularly.




Zinc is another option to meet customer needs. Zinc has long been used as a substitute for brass, it is not expensive. It is usually a dark gray color on the market, which can be chrome-plated to make it more attractive. Zinc is lightweight and can resist corrosion well.




Plastic is often used in many pvc faucet when it is inexpensive and easy to install. However, some forms of plastic are better than others. Polyethylene is a commonly used raw material for manufacturers, and uses cross-linked fibers to create strong, non-abrasive objects. Will not fall off into the water supply system.