What are the main types and uses of plastic pipes


The varieties and uses of plastic pipes have developed […]

The varieties and uses of plastic pipes have developed rapidly in the past few years. At present, plastic pipes have developed into a building materials industry with a complete range of products and strong production capacity. The main varieties are: UPVC pipes, CPVC pipes, PE pipes, PAP pipes , PE-X pipe, PP-B pipe, PP-R pipe, PB pipe, ABS pipe, plastic steel composite pipe, glass fiber reinforced pipe, etc. It has a wide range of applications in building water supply and drainage, urban buried water supply and drainage, rural water supply and drainage, rural water supply and irrigation, industrial sewage treatment, chemical liquid transportation, etc., meeting the different requirements of pipeline materials in various fields of the national economy.

In addition to municipal and construction water supply and drainage pipelines, agricultural (drinking water, irrigation and drainage) pipelines continue to grow, and the application proportion of municipal sewage, gas, heating, urban trenchless construction, communications, electricity, mining and other industries has further increased. Now plastic pipes have been widely used in building water supply and drainage, building heating, urban gas transmission, rural biogas transmission, urban tap water, municipal drainage and sewage discharge, rural drinking water transformation, agricultural irrigation and drainage, electricity, communications, industry and many other fields. Some people call plastic tubes the blood vessels of the city, and plastic tubes are inseparable from our lives.

The rapid growth of the plastic pipe industry has promoted the technological progress of the industry. Especially with the increase in international exchanges, many companies attach importance to international advanced technology, the development of new products and the introduction of new technologies. While introducing advanced processing equipment, they continue to strengthen the research and development of new products. Some large companies have their own advanced level of research and development. The center has strong technical strength. At present, the domestic plastic pipe industry has more than 300 inventions and new patented technologies. Some independent intellectual property products are leading internationally. The technological level is gradually narrowing and the gap between foreign developed countries has replaced international exports. .

The variety, structure, new materials, new technologies, new processes and patented items of plastic pipes are constantly increasing. Various types of plastic pipes are playing their respective advantages in different applications.