What are the reasons for the leaking and bursting of water pipes


The pipeline is like a hidden vein. Although hidden in […]

The pipeline is like a hidden vein. Although hidden in a corner of the building, it serves as the main task of daily water supply and circulation, and directly determines the health index of life.

Metal pipes have high strength, but are easy to corrode. Once they break down, they will be troublesome to repair. Compared with traditional metal pipes, plastic pipes have light weight, corrosion resistance, high compressive strength, sanitation and safety, low resistance, energy saving, metal saving, and improved life. The environment, long service life, safety and convenience, etc., are favored by the pipeline engineering community.

In daily life, due to various problems, the decoration of water pipes will leak. The selection of PPR pipe quality and the hot-melt installation method of PPR pipe are all factors that cause water pipe leakage and bursting. A burst water pipe is a serious situation.

The main reasons for the pipe rupture are: high water pressure, poor pipe quality, improper installation of the pipe, damage to the pipe by external force...

But no matter what kind of reason the water pipe bursts, it will cause serious consequences. How to prevent both the burst and avoid the burst has become an important problem.

Pay attention to the choice of pipeline. The selection of water pipes should be considered in terms of brand, quality, specifications, after-sales, etc. Big brands are trustworthy, but companies with perfect after-sales services must also be selected, otherwise problems will easily occur and there will be no after-sales.

The installation of water pipes should be standardized. The installation of water pipes must be standardized. Please professional installation team to install to avoid hidden dangers.

Avoid external forces. Generally, the impact resistance of the water pipe must be ensured. In addition, care should be taken to prevent the water pipe from rupturing due to external shocks.