What are the repair methods for pe pipes


The pe pipe often encounters stumbling during the appli […]

The pe pipe often encounters stumbling during the application process, so its destruction is inevitable. In order to better prevent replacements from interfering with normal applications and increase costs, the company chooses repairs in most cases to replace replacements with new products.

When the damaged surface of the pe pipe shows a broken pipe wall or a hole within 0.1m in length, the broken pipe wall or hole must be completely removed by a scraper. The removal position is cleaned with cyclohexanone within 0.05m, and the brush has good wear resistance. Plastic adhesive; then remove the arc-shaped plate with 2 times the damaged area from the corresponding position of the same pipe, apply adhesive to the inner cavity to buckle the damaged position, and fix it with lead wire. If there are ribs on the surface of the pipe, remove the ribs within 0.05m from the periphery of the damaged location, scrape it without ribs, and use the same method to save it.



When the surface of the pe pipe has some or smaller gaps or holes within 0.02m, the water in the pipe can be removed first, and the damaged location can be cleaned with cotton yarn, and then the base surface can be brushed with cyclohexanone and brushed for wear resistance Good plastic adhesive; remove a similar size plate from the corresponding position of the pipeline that has not been used, carry out the bonding, wrap it with geotextile and fix it, and dry it for 24 hours and then rebuild the soil.

The repair method of pe pipe is not unified, and the corresponding adjustment should be carried out according to the details of the surface damage. When carrying out this work, it is necessary to seek the assistance of professionals, and proceed with caution to prevent secondary injuries.