What causes the pitting of the PE pipe


1. It may be because the raw materials in the machine h […]

1. It may be because the raw materials in the machine head and barrel have been oxidized and deteriorated due to long-term heating. In that case, the PE pipe will have some relatively large pits or dents under the basic situation. Hole, especially in the production of certain pipelines that do not pass the test, the phenomenon that occurs when recycled materials is added will be more significant, so if this situation occurs again, stronger manipulation is required. The temperature in the next processing situation also needs to be manipulated for the time when the wool is in the barrel, and its improvement effect is more significant after rapid cooling or regular cleaning.

2. It is also easier to produce some bubbles on the surface of the pipe when the moisture content in the material is relatively high, then some pits will be generated on the surface after the shaping, then we need to Dry the raw materials to reduce the moisture content.

3. The uneven amount of cooling water in the sizing sleeve of machinery and equipment will also cause some pitting on the surface of the pipe. The main reason for this situation is that as the diameter of the pipe increases, it will be caused by cooling. The larger the amount of water required, it will be more difficult to produce a detailed water film. Therefore, when we meet this situation again, it is necessary to have a proper flow channel for the water outlet of the inlet pipe. When the pores are adjusted, the water output can be appropriately increased and the cooling water can be solved by ensuring that the cooling water is evenly formed into a film.